I've been using an OfficeDevPnp.Core.AuthenticationManager for a long time, in order to support MFA for PowerShell scripts targeting SharePoint Online with CSOM.

For my current task, DEV is on tenant-1, whereas TEST and PROD are on tenant-2.

I use me@tenant-1.com for DEV, and otherme@tenant-2.com for TEST and PROD.

For some reason today, when switching from DEV to TEST, when I'm expecting to be prompted to authenticate as otherme@tenant-2.com, the auth prompt popped up briefly but for some reason performed authentication with me@tenant-1.com.

Hence, the script failed with a 403 for a CSOM ExecuteQuery() call. Now I can't seem to get it to a state where I can interactively provide my otherme@tenant-2.com credentials for tenant-2. I've even restarted the machine.

My code is nothing special:

$siteURL = "https://tenant-2.sharepoint.com/sites/TEST"
$authmgr = new-object OfficeDevPnp.Core.AuthenticationManager
$ctx = $authmgr.GetWebLoginClientContext($siteURL)

Is there a way to flush the credentials cache? I don't recall having this problem previously; ordinarily I just specify the site URL and if the Authentication Manager can't find a suitable native tenant user, it prompted me for one.

  • Duh... delete cookies on the machine. It must be time for a break.
    – sasfrog
    Jul 28 '20 at 7:15

Silly me. The resolution is to delete the relevant cookies from the machine, after which the next execution of the script surfaces the prompt again, in this case allowing me to provide the correct credentials for tenant-2.

  • ...I've come back here a few times to remind myself. As of today, I still need to do this using Internet Options via IE or control panel, not Edge/Chrome cache clearing.
    – sasfrog
    Nov 25 '21 at 5:26

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