I have 5 subsites (Sub1,Sub2,Sub3,Sub4,Sub5) and all subsites is having Document library name (PublishedDocuments)

Sub1 - PublishedDocuments
Sub2 - PublishedDocuments
Sub3 - PublishedDocuments
Sub4 - PublishedDocuments
Sub5 - PublishedDocuments

how to fetch documents from PublishedDocuments library from all Subsite using rest-api , i have to create UI to show all documents in SPFX ,unable to write api to get all subsites and inside library


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There is no such rest api to get all items from all subsites. You have to loop through the 5 subsites in SPFX, then get all items in each subsite.

  • Thanks , i am able to loop in my code and get items .
    – kumar
    Jul 29, 2020 at 7:19

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