I am getting an error:

Cannot index into a null array at line with "$Web.Lists"

$web = Get-SPWeb -site "https://dTH.ca/sites/universal"

$list = $web.Lists["Folder Files"]

The same script works well in staging environment but fails in production.

Please suggest!


Do u have checked $web to confirm that is Null or Not? I highly recommend that install PnP PowerShell in server(or any other OS) and use that for work with list and lib instead of sharepoint PowerShell.


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  • Yes I get a value for $web and Null value for $web.lists. Is it because of space between the document library name. I have also tried $list = $web.Lists["Folder%20Files"] – user91989 Jul 27 at 0:26
  • you can use pnp powershell for it more easy. in there you can pass list display name or List GUID for find a list. – aMir Kazemi Jul 27 at 7:44

Use $web = Get-SPWeb -identity "https://dTH.ca/sites/universal"

Change site to identity. I assume you are handling a site collection having a bunch of sub sites. Using site will return all subsites, $web will be collection of sub-sites which does not have a the lists property

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