I am trying to fetch List details along with associated task columns to export into Excel using PowerShell. I am able to get all columns using following script except Assigned To column to show with which user the task is pending with from associated task list.

foreach ($item in $list.Items |  Where-Object { $_["Approval"] -eq "15"})
   foreach($workflow in $item.workflows)`
      if($item.ID -eq $workflow.ItemId)
         $wfName = $wf.Name
         $wfItem = $workflow.ItemName
         $wfPendingWith = $workflow.AssignedTo
         write-host "Title: $wfName  ListItem: $wfItem PendingWith:$wfPendingWith"

Can you please point out what am I missing here? Thanks.

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I´m looking to do something similar and came across your question. I think you should drill down into the AssignedTo object, which is a user. Something like "$workflow.AssignedTo.UserName"

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