I am working on SharePoint 2019 where I have created custom content type. This content type includes site columns. When I create Search Result Source and include this my custom content source and path as current site collection. It always return zero result.

But when I create same kind of Search Result Source with Task content type it return correct result.

I have run full crawl again. My search have every 5 minute incremental crawl. I have reset index search service. I have reset index list but it never return zero result. Let me know what I am doing wrong.

enter image description here

  • Can you please add the search query you are using to your question? Jul 25 '20 at 10:22
  • I am just creating Result Source in Site Settings where are I try to Test result it return only zero records
    – Milind
    Jul 25 '20 at 10:41
  • Ok I come to some point. what I did is create another content type with Parent content type as Item Content Type Now this content type yield results correctly. So I come to the conclusion that Parent content type should be item content type. But Kindly somebody can explain why is it so? Appreciate in advance
    – Milind
    Jul 26 '20 at 16:27
  • To reproduce this issue, could you share your steps? some screenshots will be better.
    – Kally_MSFT
    Jul 31 '20 at 10:05

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