If I create a list in SharePoint, and lets say I have 1 column that has a value of someone's name

John Dough

When his name is added for the first time, for a specific column, is there anyway I can ask that same list to dynamically add a new sibling column value with his email address...

[email protected]

Can this be accomplished within the User Interface of SharePoint? Is this possible today?

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You should be able to do it by adding new calculated column, with the following formula:

=LOWER(LEFT([Title],1) & RIGHT([Title],LEN([Title])-INT(FIND(" ",[Title]))) & "@company.com")

Just replace [Title] with the name of your column. This is the basic formula that covers situations when there is a space character in the name. If you need additional checks you can add some IF statements in the formula, to check for space character.

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