I am using third party css in SPFx. When I am building it, SPFx is showing me lots of warning messages :

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I am using Windows 10 / SPFx 1.11.0. Please let me know how to disable these warning messages.

Thanks, Gaurav Goyal

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You should either fix all warnings or if it's not possible, you can ignore them.

For that purpose, you should modify your gulpfile.js.

There is one out of the box build suppression method call in gulpfile. You can add your own one using the same build.addSuppression method.

The method also accepts regexp, which is very convenient for us. Just add

build.addSuppression(/Warning - \[sass\] The local CSS class/gi);



to ignore all warnings.

However, it's not very convenient, because probably you still want to see some warnings. That's why a better idea would be ignoring some of them during the production bundle.

Modify your code a little bit:

let args = build.getConfig().args;
let isProductionBundle = args._.indexOf('bundle') !== -1 && (args.ship || args.production || args.p);

if (isProductionBundle) {
  build.addSuppression(/Warning - \[sass\] The local CSS class/gi);
  // OR

Source: https://spblog.net/post/2019/01/02/sharepoint-framework-development-some-gotchas-and-how-to-solve-them

  • Thank you so much. This is working Jul 22, 2020 at 4:55
  • regex ftw. I was able to filter only the third party classes from the results. Oct 19, 2022 at 19:42

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