I am using the following CSOM code to get the checked out files without any version

using (context)
                List list = context.Web.Lists.GetById(new Guid("List id as string"));
                 var  checkedOutFiles = list.GetCheckedOutFiles();
                 context.Load(checkedOutFiles, c => c.Include(i => i.CheckedOutBy, i => 
                    context.ExecuteQuery(); ;
                catch (Exception ex)
                  // exception in case of read only site collections: Access denied
                   // working fine for others 

It is working fine for all libraries in all subsites in site collections which have isReadOnly=false, But in case IsReadOnly=true , I am getting an access denied error.

For those site collections in "IsReadOnly"= true , I am having no trouble reading properties for a site,subsite, groups, permissions,user,items etc.

My ACS token has full control app only permission to all the site collections in the tenant

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As per Microsoft support. This is by design! Any change would require a "Feature change" request


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