I need to create a channel in a Team where it is sorted as "Notes", "Files", then "Posts", but it is in reverse order by default, and I can't find a way to change it. I need users to see the instructions found in Notes first, as soon as they click on the channel. How can these be sorted like this?

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Unfortunately it isn't possible to change those settings in Teams nor am I aware of anything on the roadmap to allow you to do so.

I would suggest posting this on the Teams Uservoice although if you search on Uservoice for 'reorder tabs', you'll find open requests.


If you are providing a link to others, you could provide a direct link to say the Notes tab (just copy URL when on the tab).


You might be happy with a pinned post in the channel. Unfortunately not available yet, but there is an already high voted idea on Uservoice:


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