We have a requirement to upload a file to SharePoint Online using REST APIs. When I try to open 'https://{site}/_layouts/15/AppRegNew.aspx', in order to generate an access token to authorize REST API calls to the SharePoint site to retrieve data and manipulate the site data, I get the below message even though I have admin access:

Sorry, you don't have access.

I got to know that the user must be a site collection administrator in order to have access to this page. However, with my company SharePoint site, I don't see an option to add user as a site collection administrator. And also, I don't see an Admin icon in the top left under the Apps section. Instead, I have a Partner icon which is not accessible. Can someone help me what are the necessary permissions or licenses required inorder to work with SharePoint REST APIs? Any help would be appreciated.

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You can grant a user with Site Collection Administrator through SharePoint Admin Center or Site Settings at the root of a Site Collection.

Also, you can register app on Azure AD to perform auth flow to access SharePoint rest API:


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