I have Sharepoint 2016 on premise.

I'm trying to remove the /SitePages/ from url, currently I have this url: http://example.com/IT/SitePages/home.aspx, I want to just have http://example.com/IT/home.aspx.

I found a similar question on stack exchange, practically I just enabled Publishing Feature on site, and move home.aspx there, but it did not work, instead I had http://example.com/IT/Pages/home.aspx

I tried to move home.aspx out of SitePages folder in Sharepoint Designer, and it resolved to the correct url http://example.com/IT/home.aspx, however, it shows an error, and does not show anything. This is the id of error: 3ca8669f-c42a-f004-ab05-edbfdbc80097

I guess I would need to change something in paths if I wan't to have my home.aspx out of SitePages folder. Please help. Thanks!

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I don’t think it is possible. Pages need to be stored in a library that will be contained in the URL. I think that is why you cannot move the page to the root of the site using SharePoint Designer.

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