I'm building a SharePoint SPFx using react.

In one of my components I want to have a comment section. Where a user can write a comment and then submit it to my Multiple lines of text field called comments. I currently have Append Changes to Existing Text set to `Yes.

Below I have a textarea to allow users to type a comment and then on submit I'm sending that comment to the comment field. However when someone submits another comment will this erase previous comments?

//Area to add comment

<button onClick={this.submitComment.bind(this)}>Submit</button>

//Function to submit comment 
submitComment(event) {
        Comments: this.state.Comments,              
    }).then(i => {

On another component I will make a call to display the comments and want it to look something similar to this:

<h4>Comments Below</h4>
   <p>First comment here</p>
   <p>07/12/2020 (get the date of submission I have a get_date function)</p>
   <p>Second comment here that was left</p>
   <p>Another comment here</p>

So I want that field to continue to hold all comments submitted and a way to loop through each one. For comments I don't see there being any long comments or more than 10 comments added.

I was using this for reference: https://sharepointmaven.com/how-to-track-comments-with-append-changes-functionality-in-sharepoint-list/

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PnP open-source projects offer a sample web part "Advanced Comments Box" that provided comment feature.

With a little modification, you can configure this comment box for every section.

enter image description here

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