When i try to set FillInChoice="TRUE" on the Taxonomy fields using Apply-PnPProvisioningTemplate on my Sharepoint Online Library, the value is not getting updated.


You could try the below pnp script to set Allow 'Fill-in' choices:

set-PnPField -List "TestLibrary" -Identity "Test" -Values @{Open=$true;CreateValuesInEditForm=$true}
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  • Thank you for the script Michael. Any idea why it does not work when using the FillInChoice property with Apply-PnPProvisioningTemplate? Is it a limitation? – Nethi Swapna Jul 14 at 15:21
  • I'm not sure. Maybe there's no such FillInChoice property with Apply-PnPProvisioningTemplate. – Michael Han_MSFT Jul 15 at 10:14

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