I am installing SharePoint 2013 in Windows Server 2012 R2 in a standalone Server, this server is windows update installed, when i install SharePoint 2013 I got below Error

enter image description here

when i check .Net framework version is 4.8 and i did not found the Kb insalled in Windows Server 2012 r2 Updates history , here how can i fix this error.

PS C:\Windows\system32> Set-Location 'HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\NET Framework Setup\NDP\v4\Client' PS HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\NET Framework Setup\NDP\v4\Client> Get-ItemProperty -Path . | Select-Object Version



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You will need to uninstall 4.8 to clear this error, or install the below patch.



  • I didn't bother uninstalling the newer .Net version. I followed the instructions in the Microsoft link under Resolution. Just copy the DLL they provide into the Updates folder with your SharePoint install files.
    – Lance
    Jan 26, 2021 at 19:07

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