I have multiple Sharepoint Online lists each with more than 100+ views created. The problem is that these views are listed in the order of creation and not alphabetically . To navigate to a particular view it is getting very cumbersome to scroll through the long list.

I would like to know if it is possible to sort them out easily without renaming.

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I think the default view is always listed first followed by other views listed in alphabetical ASC order, not the creation order!

To control the order of the list of views,

  • You have to rename the views in Alpabitic ASC order and I think it is a boring workaround especially if you have multiple views!

Other workarounds, if you are using classic experience is to use JS link as mentioned at

In case, you are using modern experience, you will not be able to use JS Link, instead, try to migrate it to SharePoint Framework Extensions as mentioned at Migrating from JSLink to SharePoint Framework extensions

  • The views after default view are not listed alphabetically on our Sharepoint Online Modern List and Library . My requirement is to list them alphabetically.
    – G_S
    Commented Jul 10, 2020 at 19:38

The short answer is no.

In SharePoint Online, there's no way to change the order of the view. The only way is to change the view name.

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