I have built a flow which collects data from a Form to Excel file, saves the each new form record as a new row in the file in SharePoint and summarizes the form data into an e-mail.

The form collects the dates from the form in MM/dd/yyyy format, and it populates the records into Excel in that format. However, when I use the date fields to populate the e-mail, the e-mails send in yyyy/MM/dd format. How can I get the e-mails into the format I want?

I can't figure out why the Form, and the Excel file are correct, but "Office 365 Outlook" seems to change the date format?


Date time formatting is a constant problem I come across also!

Have you tried formatDateTime() expression to just "remind" it?

For example, if your dynamic content field for date is 'Timestamp' from your original trigger:


Type formatDateTime( into Expression, then click over to Dynamic content tab and click the date field from your form, then type in ,'MM/dd/yyyy' and press OK. Hope that works for you!

formatDateTime snippet

enter image description here

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  • Yes, I have tried that with my fields ['Start Date'] and ['End Date'] Dynamic fields, and it kept returning to me with the entire text of the formula into the emails. I tried adding this just above the Email action, and I tried it before those actions after the trigger and get responses action. It didn't work for me, so I need specific instruction on what action to use and where to make this work. – LabMom Jul 2 at 12:49
  • You can put it directly in wherever you are already putting in the date. You don't need a totally separate action. You just need to make sure the formula is inputted as an expression. You can also make the formula up in a Compose action, but it's ultimately the same. You still have to put the formula in Expression. – ichinap Jul 6 at 2:43
  • The formula should come up as a pink box if you've done it correctly. – ichinap Jul 6 at 2:44
  • I typed it in exactly like this: formatDateTime(triggerBody()?['Timestamp'],'MM/dd/yyyy') with my field names instead of "Timestamp". Do you use the single quotation mark to surround the field name and the date format? ['Timestamp'] and 'MM/dd/yyyy' or are those just placeholders in the examples and you don't actually write it in the formula? – LabMom Jul 6 at 13:30
  • Status Test failed Error Flow Run Failure: One or more fields provided is of type 'Null'. I tried it with 'Start Date' the name of my field and 'StartDate' with no space and I get the same Null error. – LabMom Jul 6 at 13:43

Please use the formatDateTime() expression to format the date to MM/dd/yyyy.

Similar issue:


More information:



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  • I don't understand how to apply this example to my flow. I have a "Start Date" and "End Date" that I want to convert. These appear both in the Subject Line and the Body of the email. In the Apply to Each section, I don't have "value" or "modified" to choose from under "dynamic" content. – LabMom Jul 1 at 12:44
  • If possible, please provide detailed steps in your flow so that I can test and update the results for you. – Julie_MSFT Jul 2 at 5:38
  • Thank you @Julie_MSFT I'm not sure how to add a screenshot. Form-When a new response is submitted Get Response Detail - "list of responses" Branch to Email me with the details (Outlook) and Add a row in an Excel sheet. The form generates and updates to the Excel sheet in MM/dd/yyyy But the date fields in the Email convert to yyyy/MM/dd Subject: Vacation - "Your Name", "Start Date" to "End Date" Body: "Your Name has requested vacation Dates" "Start Date" to "End Date" – LabMom Jul 2 at 12:45

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