I have a list called requests that I have created two custom views for:

  • All Requests - Shows all requests
  • My Requests - Shows requests created by user.

These views were copied out of their original location and into the Shared Documents folder because the permissions for each list view needed to be modified.

The issue is that navigating to the view by clicking on the document opens the list in classic view every time. The url is ((/Shared%20Documents/Views/Public%20Requests.aspx))

enter image description here

If I go to a view that is stored in the appropriate location "xview", the modern experience is used... and from there I can switch views to go to my custom views while maintaining the modern experience. URL (/Lists/Requests/xview.aspx?viewid=30535bfc-5202-418c-8a73-b137a1dc3017)

enter image description here

How can I make these lists use modern experience and also maintain my custom permissions?

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