We are on sharepoint 2016 and we'd like to show all the page content from the pages in a specific folder on one page. Is there a way to do that? I can find web parts that show a list of pages, but not ones that show the content of those pages. Thanks!

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I think you can try with the "Page Viewer" web part.

In the web part configuration select the configuration as Web Page, as per Microsoft, we can display the content of a web page using this option.

Web Page     Select this option if you want to display a Web page as the content of the Page Viewer Web Part. This option automatically enters the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (http://) in the Link text box. This is the default value.


  • Other than the "Web Page" , there will be a options Folder and File

  • We can use the Page Viewer Web Part only in a browser that supports the HTML IFRAME element.

  • Displaying a file or a folder requires Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Supporting version:

  • SharePoint 2016,2013,2010

For more details, refer to the below MSDN article :

Display a web page, folder, or file on a classic SharePoint page

  • That only shows the content of one page or a list of the page names in that folder. I'm trying to get it to show the content of all the pages stored in the folder. Jun 30, 2020 at 3:36

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