Is there a way to add a list items TreeView as a WebPart Property? Can you give me an overview on how to do this, knowing that the TreeView should contain selectable checkboxes that allow to retrieve the selected items.

I know that a custom property will be displayed automatically in the Property Pane if it’s of type bool, DateTime, enum, int, or string. But what if we want to add a TreeView, like in my case?

(I'm under SharePoint 2013)

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It requires custom solutions to build a tree view web part in SharePoint. Please see the references here:

Tree View WebPart for Sharepoint List Data.

Sharepoint 2013 : Tree view structure for Document library and setting permissions.

There are also third-party solutions that provide this function, for example: SharePoint Tree View - Bamboo Solutions Web Parts.

  • in fact, my problem at the beginning was not building a treeview, but rather passing the selected treeview values into the webpart's properties thanks to the addition of a toolpart class, I managed to create the treeview, and to pass the selected values in a string property by concatenating the values (since the webpart only considers 5 classical types: string, enum, int, ...) I'll be sharing the solution I used soon
    – bAbdenour
    Commented Jul 1, 2020 at 16:49

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