I have to upload files from linux box to SharePoint Online. I have used following command:

curl -k -ntlm --user myusername:password --upload-file test.txt "https://url/test.txt" -v

But I get error:


However, wget command works perfectly to download files.

wget --cookies=on --load-cookies cookies.txt --keep-session-cookies --user myusername --password mypassword "https://url/test.txt"

Is there a way to make it work?


You may try the below command:

curl --ntlm --user username:password --upload-file myfile.xls https://sharepointserver.com/sites/mysite/myfile.xls


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  • this is exactly what I have used. But it seems it seems -ntlm is not supported. – certque Jun 26 at 11:21

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