I know how to do it from SPFX extension but I need to detect SP type from desktop application interacting with SP by REST API.

  • Their Rest API host part are different, All SPO tenants are "xxx.sharepoint.com". Is it enough to detect the SP type? – Baker_Kong_MSFT Jun 26 at 4:05

It is quite simple. You can use _spPageContextInfo.isSPO to check if it is SharePoint online.

_spPageContextInfo.isSPO returns true if it is SharePoint online.

Refer below snapshot.

enter image description here

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  • My app is C# desktop application, so I don't use SP JavaScript library and has no access to page context _spPageContextInfo object. – 23W Jun 26 at 9:46
  • Do we have analog for "<site url>/_api/" request ? – 23W Jun 26 at 9:59

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