I have a multi-select cascading dropdown list in my InfoPath form - it displays city based on the state selection inside the repeating table - this works fine. The problem is, once the user selects the city and again deselects the state - it should uncheck or deselect the particular city as well. For example, I have selected all states from left like Karnataka, MA, TN which displays all mapping cities in the right side like Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai. Now, if I uncheck the state "TN" from the left side, it should automatically uncheck the city "Chennai" which is not happening.

How to deselect the child selection while unchecking the parent selection in InfoPath multi-select cascading dropdown list

So far what I have done is - applied a rule on Sate selection control "This field changes" and action selected as set field value to "City" as empty but this does not resolve this issue. Any guidance and help are much appreciated.

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I could reproduce this issue. The only workaround without code currently I find is that users should firstly uncheck the child selection, then uncheck the parent selection.

Or, you can try to use code to achieve it.

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