I would like to fix some xml files seperated on multiple sites and document libraries in powershell. I have in a csv file the url of all these xml documents. So I already have some loop for each xml path. But how can I modify the content of these xml files? Do I need to download the file, modify it local and upload it again?

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Yes, we need to download the XML file and update as per your need then upload back to the same location:

For update sample, you can refer the below PowerShell:

$Path = "\\spsite\sites\subsite\Library\"
$Files = Get-ChildItem $Path | where {$_.extension -eq ".xml"}
foreach($file in $Files){
    $xml = New-Object XML
    $xml.PreserveWhitespace = $true
    $xml.myFields.PhoneNumber = "234-5678"//update your fields on the form


Powershell to replace text in infopath XML files


If your XML files are relatively smaller in size - then you may use the MemoryStream - MemoryStream sample as below:

$Stream = New-Object System.IO.MemoryStream


Using powershell to read/modify/rewrite sharepoint xml document

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