I want to hide some navigation items (custom links) from my navigation bar only for a defined user group in my sharepoint online. So i activated audience targeting. But since I activated it, all navigation items with selected audience targeting are hidden, despite I am a member of the target group. When I navigate to "Start" I can still see all the navigation items.

Any ideas what the problem can be?

Regards, Jan

//edit 1:

Here is a screenshot of the navigation configuration:

screenshot of the navigation configuration

And this is a screenshot of the hidden navigation result:

screenshot of the hidden navigation result


Did you enable audience targeting for navigational links just as this tutorial? Only office 365 group works for it.

You need to edit the link and add your group into the audience targeting groups. I tested in my end it works fine. Would you like to provide some screenshot?

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  • I updated my first post and added screenshots. As you can see I added the administrtion user group, which is a office 365 group and which I am part of, to the navigation, but the result is still a hidden navigation item :-( – Jan Worpenberg Jun 18 at 14:33
  • @JanWorpenberg Yes I see that. I will suggest you to open a service request for this issue. – Jerry_MSFT Jun 19 at 1:13

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