Forgive me if this has been asked before but I have not been able to find a solution that works. I am currently teaching myself how to use SharePoint.

I have created some columns that have errors in the formula in them and I can't delete or edit the formula (I have them hidden at the minute and that isn't a problem).

Also I have a column that I tried to use a look up in and made it a required field I now can't edit it to remove the 'required' restriction.

enter image description here


In order to delete or edit the column details follow below steps :-

  1. Go to the List or Library.

  2. Select Settings button from SharePoint Online enter image description here

  1. Click on the List Settings option which will open a settings page for that particular list.

  2. Then click on the column that you want to edit the formula of/delete it .

  3. At the bottom, you can see a Delete button . Click on it to delete the column .

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  • Thanks really simple thing that i hadn't realised i could do – GraemeM Jun 15 at 15:49
  • You're welcome GraemeM. – Diksha Poddar Jun 15 at 15:52

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