Is there a way to get a list of all personal sites using SharePoint API's?

I referred to this answer to get all the personal sites and used:

https://abc.sharepoint.com/_api/search/query?querytext='contentclass:STS_Site Path:"https://abc-my.sharepoint.com/personal/*"'

But this does not give the personal sites.

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The personal site collection have path "https://tenant-my.sharepoint.com/".

You can use below REST API query to get a list of all personal sites.

https://<site_name>.sharepoint.com/_api/search/query?querytext='contentclass:STS_Site Path:"https://<site_name>-my.sharepoint.com"'

For ex- "personalsite-my.sharepoint.com" is my site collection.In order to get list of all personal sites you can use query -

http://personalsite.sharepoint.com/_api/search/query?querytext='Path:"https://personalsite-my.sharepoint.com contentclass:STS_Site"'

You may be comfortable writing REST API calls to achieve this. Alternatively, I would highly recommend using the SharePoint 2013 Search tool to help out.

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