I have a Web Applcation which contains a Publishing Site with Variations feature enabled. The following is and example URL for the site http://test-server.com/en

However when I type a wrong URL, an error occurs it takes me to Page Not Found error page but the URL changes to the following:


I want the URL to point to the following domain name URL:


and not to local URL like:


How can I fix this problem?

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Here is PowerShell to set your page not found URL:

$spsite = Get-SPSite "Web site URL"
$spsite.filenotfoundurl = "/sites/yoursite/Pages/PageNotFoundError.aspx"

Besides, customizing the 404 Redirection in SharePoint for your reference:


  • Thanks for that answer. However I have a Variations site with English and Arabic versions to it. Now I want to have two different Error pages one for Arabic and one for English. How can I achieve that? Jun 19, 2020 at 12:41

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