Pardon this newbie question on SharePoint list validation, I have been researching this for days

  1. SharePoint 2013

  2. SharePoint LIST validation since you cannot compare two fields in FIELD validation

  3. Two fields in same list:

field#1 -- Employee's Email Address

field#2 -- Vendor Contact Name

  1. Validation - If both fields contain data then don't allow the form to save. Basically if either field is blank allow the form to save.
  • I know this works for one field at a time: =ISBLANK([Employee's Email Address])=TRUE Sales 19 =COUNTA([Column1], [Column2]) Counts the number of nonblank columns (2) Sales 19 =COUNTA([Column1], [Column2], [Column3]) Counts the number of nonblank columns (2) – dwinters Jun 12 at 17:41

Try Using below formula :

=IF(OR(ISBLANK([Column1]), ISBLANK([Column2])), true, false) 
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    thats great!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you – dwinters Jun 12 at 18:48

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