I have a document library with a bunch of files im sharing with others. I have a column called "Opened" which is based on a yes/no value, and it defaults to no for each file. I'm wondering how I can automatically update that column to "Yes" if a file has >0 views. This will allow me and users of my site to easily know if a file has already been reviewed or not.


Per my research there is no related views property to be found in flow, and then update Yes/No column.

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  • Here's a picture of the views property for a file imgur.com/dMCdPQo not sure if I am able to pull this value from anywhere in sharepoint? – Omi in a hellcat Jun 5 at 12:56
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    Yes it's the view property, however we could not get the view property value in flow. – Julie_MSFT Jun 8 at 1:11

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