The user is not able to access a list which has unique permission than the parent, In that case what should be done?


Edit the list permissions and add the user to the list manually, or add the user to a group that already has access to the list.

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  • Added manually, but still no access – user91118 Jun 2 at 23:28
  • What permissions does the user have for the list? What permissions does the user have for the parent site? How does the user try to get to the list? – teylyn Jun 2 at 23:35
  • The users has edit their own item but no delete permission for the list, the users have Read access to the Parent site. There is a button on the homepage from where they can go to the list. – user91118 Jun 2 at 23:38
  • When you go to the list settings > list permissions and check for the user permissions, what permissions does the user have for the list? Editing your own items is not a permisision, that's an advanced setting. – teylyn Jun 3 at 0:00
  • Yes, when i check for user permission, it shows that he/she has "edit only no delete" permisson for that list. – user91118 Jun 3 at 0:06

What is the error message when the user access to the list?

Remove user's permission on the list and re-grant permission for the user, compare the results.

If the issue still exists, try to grant user with contribute or full control permission on the list, compare the results.

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