I am trying to assigned a variable from a search object :

$tes = $ListLookup.Items | where-object {$_.title -eq "TEST"} | sort Title | FT ID 

So the above brings back the ID of the item I want. But I want to assign that ID number "4" to a variable.

So I can use it in $listLookup = $List.GetItemById(4) as I am trying to get information via that code.

Hope that make sense.


If I understand you correctly, to get item ID from filter list, you don't need FT(format).

#Set config variables
$listName ="test"

#Get Web and List Objects
$web = Get-SPWeb $baseUrl
$list = $web.Lists[$listName]
$tes = $list.Items | where-object {$_.title -eq "test"} | sort ID

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