I want to create a appointment system in SharePoint There is an Internet SharePoint site where users can take appointments from website and visit the client after he got appointment date and time,for this functionality is there any built in web parts or any out of the box feature present in SharePoint 2013.

or any third party tools are available that i can integrate with SharePoint?


There is no inbuilt web part or functionality available for your requirement, you need to customize your site, in high level I can say, you need to have the below :

  • Custom list to maintain appointee details and time.

  • Another custom list for booking the appointment... where appointee and time will be lookup column to this list.

  • A workflow on Appointment Booking list to automate the process like, once appointment is confirmed, user will be notified.

Note :

  • If you have Nintex workflow and form, you can use the Nintex live form as well... using this any public user without authenticating to SharePoint can submit the form data.
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  • Is there any another third party tools or plugins available without any development? – user3520155 May 31 at 10:20
  • Hi - as per my knowledge no such out of the box web part available – Habibur Rahaman May 31 at 15:21
  • any third party tools are available that i can integrate with SharePoint? – user3520155 Jun 4 at 8:48

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