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I have the problem with site import between two site collections. SharePoint 2016. The site collections are from same SP Farm. I exported the site "http://Coll1.xxx.com/career" using the Central Administration. In the Central Administration, I went to Backup and Restore > Export a site or list. Choose my site "http://Coll1.xxx.com/career", and click Start Export. The Career.cmp and Career1.cmp files were created. I run Import-SPWeb -Identity "http://Coll2.xxx.com/career" -Path c:\Career.cmp -UpdateVersions Overwrite

I saw the error: The DateTime represented by the string is out of range.

Ok, I exported career.cmp file to my desktop and changed the extension .cmp to .cab Then I changed


Now I repackaged it as a .cab file. I used a software called CabPack. Changed the extension .cab to .cmp

Run the command:

Import-SPWeb -Identity "http://Coll2.xxx.com/career" -Path c:\Career.cmp -UpdateVersions Overwrite

Get the error: the version of the package is different from the current version this program supports,

Ok, I open the SystemData.XML file with an editor like NotePad++ And I see

<SchemaVersion Version="" Build="16.0.4783.1000" DatabaseVersion="4108407" SiteVersion="15" ObjectsProcessed="579" />

I can't understand what can I change in SystemData.XML, if Version="" The Error message doesn't include information: "the version of the package ??? is different"

Would be grateful for any help.

  • The question is still actual. I use the script codecaching.blogspot.com/2012/11/… I get this: Cannot find path 'C:\TMP\Career\Manifest.cmp' because it doesn't exist. I have 51 Career.cmp files.
    – Anonymous
    Jun 1, 2020 at 16:39
  • I opened site settings->site administration->Regional settings. They are same for Col1 and Col2. TimeZone (UTC+03:00) <my city> (RTZ 2) I opened regional settings for Farm PC Windows 10. I see Format: Short date: dd.mm.yyyy Long date: d MMMM yyyy 'y' Short time: H:mm Long time: H:mm:ss First day of week: Monday Location: my country. I don't understand which time settings are wrong.
    – Anonymous
    Jun 1, 2020 at 16:42

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I found the solution. I use -NoFileCompession.

I run

Export-SPWeb -Identity "My Site URL" -Path "My folder path" -NoFileCompression

I get files without compression, then I change in Manifest.xml

Then I run Import-SPWeb -Identity "My Site URL" -Path "My folder Path" -NoFileCompression

And the site was imported without problem.

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