I'm trying to set up a flow in Power Automate that allows the initiator to add data that will be used within the flow when they start the flow. For example, can I have an field where the initiator can input email addresses of those who should receive a notification that the document is ready for review?

I know that I could pull from another column in the document library with this information. But I'm not wanting to store this information in a column. I would like it asked when the flow is initiated in Power Automate.

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This can be done when the flow is triggered for the selected item or document. (Also for a manually triggered flow, but you are talking about SharePoint libraries, so I'll focus on that.)

In the Flow portal, create a new flow with "Instant > From Blank". Then in the dialog where you choose how to trigger this flow, select "For a selected file" and click Create.

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In the initiation action, specify the site address and library name, then click Add an input. The "Email" option is really a people picker control. When the flow is launched you can only select people from your tenant. The other options should be self-explanatory.

enter image description here

You can then find the input name in the dynamic content picker for subsequent actions.

enter image description here

When you publish the flow, you need to define the Run-Only users on the flow details page. These people will then see the flow in the "Automate" menu on their SharePoint command bar when a single document is selected.

  • I'd completely missed the "Choose the type of user input" section on my initiation step. That's what I needed! Jun 1, 2020 at 15:39

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