I'm attempting to calculate the difference in dates (the current date & Date Opened column) only if the Status? Column reads Open or Hold. I've tried:

=IF(Status?,"Open" OR "Hold",(DATEDIF([Date Opened],NOW(),"D")))


=IF(Status?,"Open","Hold",(DATEDIF([Date Opened],NOW(),"D")))

But get a syntax error.

Help please!


Try below formula:

=IF(OR([Status?]="Open", [Status?]="Hold"), DATEDIF([Date Opened],NOW(),"D"), 0)

Instead of 0 you can put any default value you want if status is neither open nor hold.

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You can use the following formulas:

=IF(OR([Status]="Open",[Status]="Hold"),DATEDIF([Date Opened],NOW(),"D"))

Calculated Field Formulas:


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