I'm using SharePoint Online modern UI.

And, I want to hide Quick edit, Sync, Export to Excel, PowerApps, Automate, Share, Copy Link, Copy to from my site.

Please check below picture. this is my question

I found the easy solution about PowerApps, Automate, Sync buttons in below URLs.

But I can't find solution other buttons.
I don't want to use SPFX if possible, but is there no choice to use SPFX?


To hide "Quick Edit" button, you can set Quick property editing to No at List Advanced settings: enter image description here

How to Disable Quick Edit in SharePoint?

For "Share", you can consider using permission to limit the access.

For other buttons, no. You can vote up the User Voice about this similar requirement.

  • Thank you for your answer. I understood. – Hyonta May 25 '20 at 5:21

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