I work with a large organization in which various groups create and use their own SharePoint sites. One group has created a SharePoint calendar that is very elaborate for their own site, and our group would like to create and use one exactly like it. Is there a way to duplicate, reuse, or import an existing calendar app from another SharePoint site without having to recreate it from scratch?

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You can use list template to copy a list from one site to another:

  1. Save the calendar list as a list template via CALENDAR > List Settings > Save list as template. Select Include Content if you want to carry the events as well.

  2. When it is finished, navigate to Site Settings > List templates (or just click list template gallery on the page), select the list template you just created and download a copy to local drive.

  3. Navigate to another site, go to Site Settings > List templates and then upload the list template copy.

  4. Add the calendar list via Site contents > New > App > search for the list template and click on it.

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Reference: How to copy a sharepoint calendar to another site.

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