I am trying to find out how can I write a code to restrict a user to enter a value among a set of predefined values (i.e. IN Operator) in a column of a SharePoint list.

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My column name is "Asset type" and I have tried these (below) based on this in the Formula section.

 [Asset type] in ("Innovation","Communication")
 [Asset type]= [Asset type] in ("Innovation","Communication")
 [Asset type]= if([Asset type] in ("Innovation","Communication"), TRUE, FALSE)
[Asset type]= AND(if([Asset type] in ("Innovation"), "Innovation", "Wrong value"), "Similar condition for communication")
 [Asset type]= AND(if([Asset type] in ("Innovation"), "Innovation", FALSE), "Similar condition for communication")

And the error I am getting is:

Sorry, something went wrong
The formula contains a syntax error or is not supported.

You could use OR function in the column validation. Example:

=OR([Asset type]="Innovation",[Asset type]="Communication")
  • it seems this allows user to enter innovation instead of Innovation, is there any way to make this case-sensitive, thx Jul 14 '20 at 3:51

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