I have a single server farm running SharePoint 2016.

  1. Under Health Analyzer: Distributed cache service is not configured on server. I ran add-spdistributedcacheserviceinstance, reanalyzed and same error.

  2. Under Health Analyzer: Server Role configuration isn't correct. I clicked repair automatically, reanalyzed and same error.

I went to Manage Services on Server and Distributed Cache compliant is No. I manually clicked start for the service and it doesn't start. Clicking fix does nothing. The AppFabric Caching Service under services some is set to disabled. I enable under services, repeated steps and same issue. Get-CacheHost shows AppFabric Caching Service "UP."

How can I get this service started?

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This was fixed by running the following commands:

  1. remove-spdistributedcacheserviceinstance
  2. add-spdistributedcacheserviceinstance

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