I have a little problem, because I don't know how to create flow to add new member Office 365 to Sharepoint list when someone used Forms to say "Hello"?

  1. I have FORM which a fields: a) name, b)surname, c) e-mail, d) field with text to say: "Hello!" or something.
  2. If someone new add new form with information from 1. - flow create a new field in Sharepoint list with column: name, surname, e-mail, field with text to say: "Hello!" or something.

How can I made this connection FORM <> FLOW (power automate) <> Sharepoint list to do something like this?

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If my understanding is correct, you want to save the responses from Forms into a SharePoint list. You can use MS Flow to achieve it.

There is a template called Record form responses in SharePoint, you can use it,

A similar thread for your reference: The Data Captured in Microsoft Form need to be loaded to the SharePoint list using power apps?.Can anyone help me out

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