I'm new to Power Apps and trying to work out something which feels like it should be simple.

I have a screen with a text box (txtSearch) and a data table (tblCatalog). The data source for the data table is a SharePoint list (Catalog). I want the table to be filtered based on whether the text in the search box appears in any of the columns (Title, Description, Function) in the table.

I've tried setting the OnChange action for txtSearch to Filter(Catalog, Title = txtSearch.Text), which is valid; but doesn't affect what's displayed in the table.

I've also tried using:

  • Search(Catalog, txtSearch.Text, Title ).
  • Search(tblCatalog, txtSearch.Text, Title ).
  • Filter(tblCatalog, colCatalogTitle = txtSearch.Text).

However I get errors such as "has some invalid arguments". It seems the Search function expects a SQL table / doesn't work with other data sources or the Data Table component.

I've spent a while hunting forums / tutorials, but can't find clear guidance on how one would approach tihs when not using a SQL data source; any tips much appreciated.

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I was looking at the issue the wrong way around.

I had to amend the Data Table's data source (Items property) from Catalog to Filter(Catalog,Title = txtSearch.Text)

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