I am new in SP2010 and I want to ask if anyone knows how to do the following. I have made some new custom content types based in the Article page (Publishing page) and assigned new layouts to them. Is there a way to include links to create directly these content types from the Site actions menu instead of going to Site Actions->More options ->Publishing Pages and the select the custom page layout?

I found some posts like http://blogs.msdn.com/b/syedi/archive/2008/07/18/how-to-customize-add-delete-or-replace-the-site-action-menu-items-in-publishing-site.aspx



but since I am quite new at this, I have tried editing directly the siteaction.xml file directly and added the code

<ConsoleNode Action="cms:CreateNewPublishingPageAction" DisplayText="cms,siteactions_createpage_displaytext" Description="cms,siteactions_createpage_description" HideIfDisabled="true" UseResourceFile="true" MenuGroupId="100" Sequence="6000" IsSiteRelative="true" PermissionContext="CurrentList" ImageUrl="/_layouts/images/crtpage.gif" NavigateUrl="../_layouts/Createcreatepage.aspx" ID="wsaCreatePage1" /> 

but didn't work, any ideas?


If you have your link and just want to add it to Site Action menu, you can use CustomActions.
To do this you need an empty sharepoint project with empty element. in element.xml file you can add this lines:

<UrlAction Url="YOUR_URL"/>

You can find more about Locations and GroupIds here.

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