I have an InfoPath form in which I'd like to add PlaceHolder text to a few textbox fields. I believe it's currently set to open in the browser because the placeholders won't display when users open a new form from the SP list. Is there a way to change how users open the form so that they can view the placeholder text? I'd like to avoid having to create a completely new InfoPath form from scratch because of this.

Thank you so much!


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In InfoPath browser-enabled form, for placeholder text, you can use the "Screen tips", the as usual placeholder text will not work in the Infopath browser-enabled form.


You can add some static text to a section and having a format rule on the section that hides it if the text field is not blank.

You can also have a button that displays the text and when you click the button, reverts to a textbox (hides button and shows textbox on click), and if the textbox is empty it reverts (hide textbox and show button0.

Pretty easy to do these things using a "toggle" field to store the hide-show value and conditional formatting rules.


Alternative to Placeholder text?

  • Thank you so much. The screen tips will work perfectly.
    – Chris
    May 12, 2020 at 9:58

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