when I copy outlook calendar events to SharePoint calendar it changes all names adding "copy" at the beginning of each event FYI ---I followed these steps : 1- Open your SharePoint online site 2- Open the Calendar and click "Calendar" tab at the top left corner. 3- Click "Connect to Outlook". Then it will ask for confirmation, click "Yes". 4- Open your Outlook calendar 5- Click "View" tab at top > "change view " tab > choose "List" 6- select your required calendar that you want to import it 7- change it again to list view > select all + copy 8- select the SharePoint online calendar inside the outlook 9- change the view to list view > paste

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I know this is old, but the difference is if it is an appointment or a meeting. An appointment is a calendar entry that has no other people invited. A meeting is a calendar entry that does have others invited. When someone shares a meeting it adds “Copy:” to the front.

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