I'm an new for sharepoint. Recently I created an approval workflow with SPD. There are multiple filter condition in the worklfow to filter the application to use the right approval process. But when I submitted an application, I found one filter condition is not available in the workflow. my workflowFor example when the approval process A finished, it will continue to start process B, actually the application which I submitted only meet the process A's condition.(please refer to the attached screenshot) It seems the IF condition "If Current Item:Annual Plan Training equals (ignoring case) Out of annual training plan/年度培训计划外" is not working. Can anyone give me some ideas? Thanks.

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According to your description, it seems that you are placing the if condition in a sequence. So the workflow will simply go through all the if condition on by one. That is why after Process A is finished, the Process B will be initiated.

It will be better for you to use If-else structure with nested IF to re-construct your workflow.


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