I am working on configuring the User profile sync service (As in the services on server page) but is "stuck on starting".

Anyway, this service uses the farm account (where I installed Sharepoint under). Do I give this account the replicate changes permissions? The ups service app has the domainnetbiosnamesenabled property set to true/1 (my fqdn and netbios name for the domain are not the same).

I have a default instance name of sql server (MSSQLSERVER), and my fqdn/netbios names are not the same (I ran the powershell script to enable netbiosnames).

Anyway, my question is:

This service runs under the farm account (The account I installed sharepoint under). Do I therefore need to give this account the replicate directory changes permissions?


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Take a look at Plan for profile synchronization (SharePoint Server 2010)

The synchronization account for a connection to Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) must have the following permissions:

It must have Replicate Directory Changes permission on the domain that you will synchronize with. For more information, see the Grant Replicate Directory Changes permission on a domain section of the "Grant Active Directory Domain Services permissions for profile synchronization" procedural reference article.


The Replicate Directory Changes permission allows an account to query for the changes in the directory. This permission does not allow an account to make any changes in the directory.

Also I suggest you to use dedicated account for user profile service in any 'serious scenario'. For testing purposes using farm account is ok.


This issue comes up so many times its not funny; as always start with Habars site and try all those fixes first


I've also had firewall related issues effect UPS.

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