I am building a product which is available in both version of SharePoint online i.e. Modern as well as classic view. I have developed provider hosted app as well as spfx app, now the problem is that client has to install both the app separately so is it possible to have a single app for both provider hosted app as well as spfx app. Is it possible? If yes, then how?

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They're different architecture, provider hosted add-in(app) contains a remote component(a web app usually), if you have add-in part in your provider-hosted add-in, it's render as iframe while spfx webpart is rendered as normal DOM inside a page.

Check official documentation for more details

You may migrate your add-in part to SPFx webpart based on your actual scenario.

  • I cannot migrate add-in part to SPFx as remote event receiver is not available in SPFx. So is there any way to bundle SPFx and add-in(app)? So that client does not have to it separately. Commented May 6, 2020 at 7:20

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