When I check the job history on SharePoint 2016 central administration, I see all job's last successful runs are about one week ago! SharePoint timer service is running and no related error has been found in logs. I noticed the problem when I was checking the reason for not publishing the new content types on the other sites and nothing happens when I run the content type subscriber job manually. I'll appreciate any suggestions.

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For your issue, open SharePoint Management Shell and execute code below:

# Get WFE server on which you want to restore the timer service
$server = Get-SPServer -Identity "<name of WFE server>" 
$ts = $server.ServiceInstances | ? { $_.GetType().Name -like "*sptimerservice*" } | Select -First 1
$ts.AllowContentDatabaseJobs = $true
$ts.AllowServiceJobs = $true

Restart SharePoint Timer Service.

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