I am trying to create a form in PowerApps that submits a document to a SharePoint Document Library along with metadata fields for users to search for the documents later. One of the fields in the SharePoint Document Library is a Choice field. A document can be labeled a variety of different options and contain multiple options.

The form has a corresponding ComboBox (CategoryCombo) that is populated by a separate SharePoint List with all the same values in the SharePoint Document Library field. When I hit my upload button, I run a Power Automate workflow that creates an item and then updates the field properties for the item thereafter. The workflow also contains Initialized Variables to capture the data from the form to fill in the fields (all of which are currently set to String).

My workflow run code looks like this:

Set(varFileLink, NewWorkflow.Run(ClientText.Text,CategoryCombo.Text,DescriptionText.Text,Last(AttachmentControl.Attachments).Name, varBase64Only).splink)

When I do this, I get an error from the system that the code is expecting a Table format, which I get since the ComboBox is a Table of data. I can't just use CategoryCombo.SelectedItems to capture the information either.

My question is, how do I take the values from CategoryCombo, extract them from the form, capture them in the workflow, and store them in the SharePoint Document Library? I can't seem to find any help files or videos on how you capture ComboBox values (although I did find one for concatenating the values into a string, but the Choices field will not accept concatenated text). Any guidance/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!

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