I am working with Power Automate and SharePoint Online to issue dynamic, scheduled emails that request the recipient complete a survey. The survey is a list item, that is dynamically created and partially pre-populated with Power Automate (Flow).

The issue is, the flow runs via my account, therefore the list items are created by 'me'. So when I use the advanced settings > line level permissions functionality to restrict the read & edit access to only items the user has created it blocks their access. When I remove the restriction to everyone can read & edit anything, they can obviously view and edit other users 'surveys'/list items.

Do you have any suggestions not only how I can use my current process to achieve this, but maybe even an entirely different process/approach?

Not found anything on Google answering this question, but please reply with links to existing solutions to this problem if I've missed them. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Hello, have you checked SharePoint surveys? There might be a strict need for you to use Power Automate but the functionality you are looking for requires item level permission, so that the creator can only see their response, and unfortunately this might not be possible through Power automate yet. Please check this link for the feature request: powerusers.microsoft.com/t5/Power-Automate-Ideas/… – UBK Apr 23 at 18:39

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